My fellow colleagues / UJAA family Members:

Thank you for endorsing my candidacy for Assistant Treasurer of the Union of Jamaican Alumni Association (USA) Inc in our last general election on September 15, 2022. I am humbled by your actions, and I promise to serve with dignity and to work as hard as I can for a better Union and for greater accomplishments for all our School Associations.

I take this opportunity to send lots of peace and joy to you and your family this holiday season, wishing you safe travels, and much blessings to all those who you love and treasure in your hearts. May your lives be filled with warmth and good cheer this season and throughout the coming year. May the true spirit of the season shine in your hearts and light your paths.

On behalf of our President Mr Donovan Wilson and the entire UJAA Executive Board, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Noel, Season Greetings and a season full of Yuletide Cheer!
My prayers for you this holiday season is that our Creator will continue to cover you with showers of blessings as you continue to seek ways to help and enriched the lives of our students and children here in these United States and in our homeland of Jamaica Land We Love.

Please allow me to share a verse of scripture with you. Proverbs 11 verse 25 says ” Whoever brings blessings will be enriched, and the one who waters will themselves be watered.”

In closing. If you haven’t done so already, please send an email to President Wilson, indicating if you will be taking part in the 2023 Mega Drawing. Let me just say, if you are still undecided, this is gearing up to be the biggest drawing to date, with many attractive prizes, and if that does not excites you, then think
about what an additional $10,000 could do for your school right now!

Remember if you have questions or concerns, your UJAA Board Members or your Board Member Liaisons (BML) are standing ready to help you through the process. So Let’s Do It……

Thank you, much love and blessings.

Ansell Williams
Assistant Treasurer
Union of Jamaican Association USA Inc (UJAA

“Education is Empowerment; Only the Educated are Free”