Fellow UJAA Presidents and Members:

On behalf of the UJAA Board of Directors I want to wish you Happy Holidays! This is the time of year when we celebrate in many different ways. Whether we say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannukah or Happy Kwanza we are expressing our gratitude for many blessings.

For many of us as Jamaicans this is a time to return home to be with family. Where that is not possible we find creative ways to maintain the spirit of the season and maintain the traditions that we are accustomed to from back home. Whatever, you are doing for this holiday season, we wish you love, happiness and joy. May your holidays be bright and your stockings be filled with goodies. In true UJAA fashion, let us continue to give back to others even as we pause to celebrate this season.

UJAA Board 2022-2023

Donovan Wilson, President
Michael Salmon, Vice President
Melanie Forrest-George, Recording Secretary
Karlene Largie, Corresponding Secretary
Clair Menzies-Forbes, Treasurer
Ansell Williams, Assistant Treasurer
Natasha Davids, Director
Evelyn Godden, Director
Dwight Clarke, Director
Jenniffer Brown, Director
Wilbert Davis, Director
Lesleyann Samuel, Immediate Past President

Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (USA) Inc. (UJAA)
Email: President@ujaausa.org
Cell: (917) 972-5502
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