UJAAbotics is our fundraising initiative, designed to secure funding for our Robotics programs. For over a decade, we have been the primary sponsor and promoter of High School Robotics teams in Jamaica. We have also been the primary financial sponsor for the Jamaican Robotics teams that have represented the country at the annual FIRST Global Challenge (FGC) Competition. This global gathering brings students from around the world to different cities to compete against each other, over several days. In October 2022, for the 6th time, we led our Jamaican Robotics team to Geneva, Switzerland, to compete in the FIRST Global event. We need to raise funds urgently, if we are to continue to support our teams.

The 7th staging of FGC will be in Singapore in October 2023. The cost of sending the team to Singapore is close to $100K, more than twice as much as it had cost in prior years. We must give our young innovators the opportunity to compete in Singapore, but this time, we cannot do it alone.

We therefore ask you to “Join the Robolution” and help us send our students to Singapore.

The UJAA Robotics Program would not be possible without the continued generosity of our donors, sponsors, members and friends. We are pleased to introduce our newly created UJAAbotics initiative, through which all funding for the Robotics programs will be channeled.

Review the UJAAbotics sponsorship program and show your support

Review the UJAAbotics sponsorship program and show your support for UJAA’s Robotics Programs (FGC, FTC and FLL) in any of the below ways:

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