Fellow UJAA Members,

Greetings and salutations on this early Fall Friday!  

We are very happy to report that despite the challenges Team Jamaica Robotics arrived in Singapore yesterday.  The team of six students, two coaches and two UJAA chaperones was able to make the trip as a result of the generosity of many persons and organizations.  Our alumni association members really stepped up and our long time partners – and new partners – helped us to make this trip possible.

Team Members

Johnathan Smith – Campion College – Team captain

Shawn-Michael Furguson – Campion College

Duncan Stanley – Wolmers Boys

Terrence Grant – Glenmuir High

Kimie Change – Hillel Academy

Taeija-Lee Hall-Watts – American International School in Kingston

Gavin Samuels – Coach 

Mark-Anthony Eaton – Coach

Karlene Largie – Female chaperone

Andell Williams – Male chaperone

We wish them well  as they participate along with students from over 150 other countries. Let us keep them in our prayers as they hold the Jamaican flag high. 

Jamaica Land We Love.


Donovan Wilson


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