Greetings my UJAA family:

As we usher in the New Year let us give thanks to the almighty for preservation of good health and good life to those of us who survived the wrath of the pandemic.

We were quarantined and unable to leave our places of abode or socialize for three years, but we adopted and survived and now we know how resilient we are.

We lived simply and practically in isolation, but we connected through social media and learned how to appreciate each other., more than anything else we found PEACE, we developed great business acumen and survived.

Now that we have entered into a new era, I encourage everyone to strive for a deeper connection within our communities working together for the same objectives. We can accomplish much more when we pool our resources.

As the late Bell Hooks said “one of the most vital ways to sustain ourselves, is by building communities of resistance and places where we know we are not alone”.

This year I am inviting each of you to help us build a resilient community within UJAA – a community which through intentional engagement, will enable us to uplift each other and promote shared interest in skills and numerous vocational careers.
UJAA personifies greatness and greatness is achieved from EDUCATION: Empower yourself by educating yourselves then share your knowledge within your community through UJAA knowledge…Knowledge is empowerment and empowerment comes from knowledge which the UJAA represents.

Please make it a commitment this year to share knowledge in your community by joining the UJAA and also attend the valuable upcoming events..Thanks for your attentiveness and I look forward to an extensive attendance and growth in our liberatory journey as we progress.

Dwight Clarke

UJAA Director

Membership Committee Chair