JA$11,000,000 worth of Laptops and Tablets are packed on January 30th, 2021 for shipment to 13 UJAA Member Schools


If you have events planned – virtual or otherwise, please send them to ujaanewseditor@gmail.com (as a PDF or JPG) so that we can post on our UJAA website – www.ujaausa.org

Feb. 11  –  WOGANY Professional Development Series Part 2:  Powerpoint & Google Slides Workshop
Feb. 13  –  UJAA Presidents’ Roundtable via Zoom **Note**
Feb. 13  –  MOSA NY Virtual Concert For The Cause
Feb. 21  –  American Foundation for the University of the West Indies 24th Annual Awards Gala

Mega Raffle 2021 Participants – Membership Dues and Investment Due;
See email for Registration Form and 2021 Contract
Look out for email re Emerging Global Leaders (Virtual) Jamaica –
UJAA HS Associations Meeting on Sunday 7 February
  • Wear your mask and practice social distancing.
  • Keep our front-line workers in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Stay connected!  Do conference call check-ins!  Connect with family and friends and have a virtual party or trivia night!
  • Support Jamaican businesses!
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President, UJAA
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