Hello UJAA Family:

I trust that you all took the time to cast your ballot in the Primary Elections on Tuesday because it is your right and your civic duty. To those of us who did, well done!

Let me congratulate the UJAA elected officers and extend good wishes to UJAA President Donovan Wilson. I am so excited to be a part of this Executive Body as he begins to pen his chapter in the history of such an auspicious Association.

As the Chair of the Industry Cove Basic School Committee, I want to share a bit about Industry Cove Basic School on the twentieth anniversary of its existence. UJAA built Industry Cove Basic School and Community Center in 2002. Located in Cousins Cove, Hanover, Industry Cove boasts three teachers including Mrs. Williams, the Principal and 30 to 35 students ages three to five years old. In December 2019, Industry Cove Basic School was certified by the Early Childhood Commission. Mr. Ansell Williams is the UJAA Member who oversaw all the work which was needed at the school to achieve certification. He made several trips to Jamaica to make sure that the building and school property met the required standard for certification. He continues to visit periodically on behalf of UJAA.

UJAA provides support to Industry Cove by providing school supplies, Care Packages, Covid 19 Care Packages, Covid 19 School Additions (sink, thermometer, etc.), Back to School backpacks and Friday uniforms (shorts and t-shirts for the students). In the past, typically at the November UJAA General Meeting, a Pass-the-Hat collection would be taken up to purchase Friday uniforms for the students at Industry Cove. Now that we are operating in a virtual space, I am inviting the UJAA Family to join in my “20 for 20 Initiative”, asking each Alumni Association to donate $20 to purchase a set of Friday uniforms for the students at Industry Cove. If you are able to contribute, please ZELLE your donation to ujaanewseditor@gmail.com

Thank you for your kind consideration. Twenty years of continuous existence is quite an achievement for Industry Cove. UJAA will continue to support this little school that we built and planted the UJAA Flag in Cousins Cove, Hanover.

Continued blessings from above and a great weekend to you all.

Melanie Forrest-George

UJAA Recording Secretary
“Education is empowerment, only the Educated are Free”