Team Jamaica2022 wins FGC’s Albert Einstein Silver Medal Award for International Excellence! Click on Video to view!



 October 17 2022


The 6th staging of the FIRST Global Challenge in Geneva from 13 – 16 October 2022 ended with a magnificent and worthy placing for Team Jamaica Robotics as the silver medal recipients of the Albert Einstein Award for FIRST Global International Excellence!

After competing with various alliances of nations over 4 days and 15 ranking matches, their ranking was disappointing after the final match. However, FGC 2022 is not only about winning or losing as Jamaica’s students collaborated and strategized with over 60 countries while meeting their peers from over 160 countries during this year’s ‘coopertition: cooperative competition.”

There are nineteen awards – 11 qualitative and 8 quantitative. The Albert Einstein Award for FIRST Global International Excellence “is the  most prestigious award.” Mexico received Gold and Germany received Bronze.

In addition, on the submission of the student team, the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (USA) Inc. (UJAA) received a Bronze Medal for the Al-Khwarizmi Award for Outstanding Supporter. This is also a qualitative award to institutions, sponsors, or governments that assisted a FIRST Global team.

Like the other countries, Team Jamaica provided some of the proudest moments as they stuck to their vision and goal that is summed up in Souvenir Magazine which reads in part:

“Team Jamaica is ready to compete fiercely and represent our island nation well, all while maintaining the FIRST* spirit of gracious professionalism.”

As sponsors, the UJAA faced and overcame challenges in their goal to provide a unique opportunity once again for some of Jamaica’s high school students. In this case, with the input and contributions from the alumni association members of the schools who represented Jamaica, we overcame them.  They are Convent of Mercy Academy “Alpha”, Calabar High School, Glenmuir High School, Immaculate Conception High School, Jamaica College, St. Andrew Technical High School, and American International School in Kingston.

Team Jamaica approached this year’s competition – in their words: “… to compete fiercely and represent our island nation well, all while maintaining the FIRST® spirit of gracious professionalism.” In receiving the Albert Einstein Award they did just that!  Jamaicans everywhere should be very proud!  “We likkle but we tallawah.”  Congratulations Team Jamaica Robotics 2022!

The 2022 FIRST Global Challenge will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 13-16 October 2022. The Geneva event will mark the sixth year for FIRST Global, and its first European event.

At this time next week, Team Jamaica Robotics 2022, a delegation of 14 – high school students, and adults from Jamaica and the Northeast United States – will be on their way to their respective airports for their flights to Geneva, Switzerland.

The coaches, Gavin Samuels and Paul Pounall, believe that this team is ready to display their prowess as they have trained since late June to master this year’s game “Carbon Capture.”  Drawn on the 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering identified by National Academies of Engineering in the USA, the UK, and China, the task at hand challenges high school students from across the globe to reimagine the future of the Earth’s climate, a very timely and relevant global matter.

Since FGC’s inception in 2017, Team Jamaica Robotics has had the full support and sponsorship of the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (USA), Inc. (UJAA) and its 61 member alumni associations in the Diaspora. The cost and undertaking have increased as the competition travels around the world. Donations are always welcomed towards registration, air travel, visas, meals, accommodations, and team outfits. Visit

The Embassy in Geneva has been assisting in several areas to support the team and the Jamaica Tourist Board has also offered their assistance with “things” Jamaican.

It has always been UJAA’s contention that, despite being high school students, the expertise and exposure is a once in a lifetime personal experience that not only allows them to compete on a global platform, but combines their accomplishment with encouragement and pride as true ambassadors of Jamaica for Jamaicans globally.

UJAA’s Immediate Past President, Lesleyann Samuel, herself an engineer,  maintains that “the challenge encourages our young people to not only meet the technical challenge but to do so with a spirit of cooperation.  This combination of skills is what our children need to help us solve global problems.  This competition provides life changing experiences!”

High schools representing Jamaica are Convent of Mercy Academy “Alpha,” Calabar, Immaculate Conception, Glenmuir, Jamaica College, St. Andrew Technical, and American International School of Kingston.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:         Gavin Samuels – or Karlene Largie –