UTECH Alumni Association, N.Y.

Excellence Through Knowledge

Founding Date / Mission:
Founded April 29,2002, The Association is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization comprising of graduates of UTECH and other accredited Universities who are friends of UTECH.

This body will work closely with the UTECH System and Liaise with other Chapter of the Guild of Graduates to this end.

The goal is to be a magnet for graduates of the University System in N.Y., to provide opportunities for Networking, to promote and enhance the UTECH System. Any and all other activities as from time to time be found appropriate in connection with the foregoing and are as lawful for not-for-profit corporation.

Executive Committee:
President : Clive ”Kali Niabingy” Drummond
Treasurer : Derrick Shippy
Secretary : Patrick Maitland

Contact Information:
Mailing Address: #960 E.233rd Street,Bronx,N.Y.10466
Email Address: UTech.aany@gmail.com
Telephone Number: (917) 767 4838