St. Jago Past Students’ Association USA Inc.
(New York Chapter)

St. Jago High School, Spanish Town, Jamaica West Indies was founded in 1744 and is one of the oldest continuously operated schools in the Western Hemisphere. The School is renowned for graduating some of Jamaica’s leading academic scholars, legal minds, and Olympic athletes.

St. Jago Past Students’ Association USA Inc. – New York Chapter was founded in 1986. Our mission is to provide continued support to the development of St. Jago High School.

Executive Committee:
President: Opal Dunstan
Vice President: Cedric Angus
Treasurer /Founding Member: Michael Archer
Secretary: Marlene Reynolds
Director: Anthony Grant
Director: Olive Mahoney-Harrielal
Director: Dorette Headley
Director: Myrna Bell

Contact Information:
Mailing Address: Cedric Angus, 830 South Drive Baldwin, New York 11510
Email Address: Opal Dunstan –
Phone: 845-430-8058