St. Andrew Technical High School
Alumni Association NE Chapter Inc.

The Saint Andrew Technical High School, Alumni Association North East Chapter Inc, was established on December 13, 2003 registered as a non-profit organization, IRS Code 501 C(3) and was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in 2005.

Mission: To provide financial assistance and other support to St. Andrew Technical High School and its students in Kingston, Jamaica.

In furtherance of the mission stated above, STATHS Alumni Association North East Chapter shall:

Provide a forum for communication between the school and its graduates to encourage the current student body to strive for excellence and maintain the dreams of the founding members.

Take the necessary steps to raise funds to support STATHS by subscription, promotion of social and cultural activities.

Promote the mutual interest of the Association members provided that this is covered without using the Association as a vehicle for individual self-gain.

Make possible donations for charitable and or educational purpose.

Co-operate and participate with other organizations whether incorporated or not which have objectives in whole or part to and similar to the objectives of the Association.

Executive Committee:
President: Archibald Roberts
Secretary: Melanie Forrest-George
Treasurer: Melbourne Newell
Assistant Treasurer: Leroy Brown
Public Relations Officer: Aleeshia Bailey
Assistant Public Relations Officer: Leo Bailey
Executive At-Large Anthony Salmon

Contact Us:
Archibald Roberts
P.O. Box 130159, Springfield Gardens, NY, NY 11413
Email Address:
Phone: 516-469-5113