Friends of Port Maria, Inc. New York Chapter

Founded in June 1996, The Friends of Port Maria, Inc. New York Chapter, has a MISSION to assist in the overall development of Port Maria and its surroundings communities as well as to improve the quality of life of the residents. This can be achieved in the context of creating an environment where a satisfactory level of educational, economical, and health care opportunities are available to residents in these communities.

Executive Committee:

President (Acting): Lorna Fairweather

Treasurer/Secretary: Angella Cummings

Membership and Public Relations Chairperson,

and UJAA delegate: Lorna Fairweather

Executive members: Everton Graham, Joan Christie, Yvonne Clarke

Contact Us:

55 East 57th Street,

Brooklyn, NY 11203

Email Address:,

Phone: (917) 886-5712

(917) 209-8249