Mico University College Alumni Association (MOSA)
New York Chapter

Do It With Thy Might

Established in 1975

To provide support for the programs and activities of the Mico University College to ensure the continued tradition of delivering the highest quality teacher education.
To provide effective means of enrichment to the intellectual, social, and cultural well-being of teachers and students within the communities.
To promote and provide an inclusive atmosphere that fosters camaraderie and encourage contribution to community service.

Executive Committee:
President: Claudette Morris
Vice President: Maureen Allen
Treasurer: Ruth Simpson
Assistant Treasurer: Norman Carter
Corresponding Secretary: Darien Mason
Recording Secretary: Esther Munoz

Contact Information:
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 51, New York, NY 10008
Email Address: contact@micoalumni-ny.org
Telephone Number: 914-719-6060
Website: micoalumni-ny.org