Jose Marti Alumni Association New York, Inc.

Jose Marti Alumni Association New York, Inc. (JMAANY) is a 501 (c) (3) organization founded September 14, 2015. JMAANY’s mission is to assist talented students at Jose Marti Technical High School (JMTHS) excel to their highest level. We embody the ideals that all students should have a sound education that amplifies our vision of “every student must be successful”. JMAANY strive to build relationships, give back to our community, and make an impact in the lives of our current student body.


President: Don C. Hinds
Vice President: Courtney Francis
Secretary: Christine Peters-Smith
Asst. Secretary: Suzette Davis
Asst. Secretary: Simone Gardine
Treasurer: Donna Campbell

Public Relation Officers: Sharon Smith
Andrea Rowe
Juliet Reid
Marjorie Edwards
Dr. Monica Dennis-Jones

Ambassadors: Kevin Jellow (USA)
Rosemarie Edwards (Jamaica)
Rev. Randy Finnikin (Jamaica)

Contact us at:

Phone: 516-304-6140

Facebook: Jose Marti NY, Instagram @jmaanyinc

“Building Relationships, Giving Back, Making an Impact”