Alpha Tri-State Alumnae Association

The Tri-State Chapter was formed in September 2008 in response to a very worthy cause.

The chapter was launched on October 25, 2008.  On January 23, 2009 Alpha Tri-State was incorporated.

In November of 2013 in an effort to rejuvenate the organization and to bring in new members the organization embarked on a re-launch effort.

It is our hope to continue to be a very active chapter, be responsive to real issues both in the Alpha community and beyond, and make a difference in a significant way towards promoting the values of the school we all once treasured not so many year ago.

Executive Committee:

President:          Hope Wade
Vice President:  Carol Logan
Secretary:          Colleen Whyte
Treasurer:          Beverly Dixon


Clair Menzies
Beverley Dixon
Dawn Edwards
Jean Golding
Carol Logan
Heather Miller
Debra Simms
Hope Wade
Lisa McKoy-Walker
Colleen Whyte

Contact Information:

Mailing Address: Alpha Tri-State, P.O. Box 150, White Plains, N.Y 10603

Telephone Number:  917-668-8956