Holmwood Technical High School Alumni Association NY

The Holmwood Past Students’ Association, (HPSA), is the organization which connects the Holmwood Alumni with their Alma Mater, Holmwood Technical High School. The organization began in 1973, in New York, when one past student who had migrated to the United States brought together a group of past students to start the Association.

Since then the HPSA has grown to become a global organization with chapters in Jamaica, Florida, New York, and Toronto. The organization is led by an international executive, the HPSA IEB, which oversees and provides direction for the organization. The strength and growth of the alumni association is fueled by the ‘spirit’ of Holmwood, the powerful school on the Hill. The Association is guided by the vision to expand opportunities for the development, growth, and impact of Holmwood on the community that it serves.


President – Glen Denton
Vice President – Beverly Foster
Treasurer – Carl Brissett
Asst. Treasurer – Lidia Bowes-Dundas
Secretary – Claudia Kong-Folkes
Asst. Secretary – Ruchein Virgo
Public Relations Officer – Valerie Clarke
Asst. PRO – Fay Lewis
Ex Officio – Jessie Thomas
Ex-Officio – Vacant (to be filled in January)
Alvin Edwards
Daswell Jones
Ita Luckain
Janet Watson
Delroy Webb